The Club (Turkey Field) 16.5" x 23.5" ink, colored pencil watercolor on paper 2018

Edge of Figs, Spruill Farm ink, colored pencil, graphite on paper, 16.5" x 23.5" 2018

Thinking About Maine  23" x 16.5"  graphite on paper  2017


Pettigrew Field 16.5 x 23"  charcoal on paper 2016

Lake Phelps 23 x 16" ink, gouache, acrylic, colored pencil on paper 2016 

Lake Phelps 02  16" x 23" ink, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil on paper  2016

Sample from sketchbooks-- 2012

Working Hard, or Hardly Working?   colored pencil drawing/digital image  2003 

Montage of Drawings 2014-15-- from  www.juliatownsenddrawings.blogspot.com 

Lines  2013   ink and gouache on paper  

Salvation  20 x 25 x .5 cms    graphite and acrylic on paper relief- maquette for painting  2012  

Pink  Lines   2013    twine

Nativity 1999 Charcoal on Board 18 x 24"

Time Well Spent from the Advertising Series, 
printed vinyl banner from ink drawing, Festival City, Dubai 2007

at the Detroit Museum of New Arts,  2010  selected by Charlotte Bonham-Carter for 'The Saatchi 10' 

Time Well Spent - other drawings from the series- each 59 x 42 cms (24" x 16") ink on paper  2007  

Crossing the Line, View of Istanbul  Tashkeel (Gallery), Dubai      charcoal, with attached frame,  2011

Winter Sketchbook 2012-13 Left to Right: Tannenbaum, Untitled, She Said He Said, Maymun, Chimney   all 29 x 21 cms

OSS (Originals Sold Separately) Banner of 40 drawings for Wild Things, curated by Fathima Mohiuddin, FN Designs Gallery 2013

Samples from Formation of Ideas marker, ink, watercolor on paper, 2013  sizes: smallest- 20 x 15 cm, largest - 29 x 30 cm 

Samples from Kleetime  ink, watercolor, marker on paper  2013  sizes: smallest-20x15cms; largest-40.5x30.5 cms

Lobby- Al Badia InterContinental Hotel, Festival City, Dubai 2012-13  works on paper from 2005-2010: graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, ink, gouache
Center image:  Me and Wallace Stevens (paper relief)

Before Christmas / After Christmas 2013  watercolor and ink on paper   each  51 x 36 cms  

Pressures  2013  46 x 135 cms  ink, graphite, watercolor, gouache on paper

Hands  2013   30 x 30 cms     ink, marker, colored pencil on paper