Ship of Fools window installation @ The Peanut Factory 'Installed' 2017

Ship of Fools window installation @ The Peanut Factory 'Installed' 2017

Retail Therapy  Detail  2011  (image in TimeOut) part of MinD (Made in Dubai) exhibition at DucTac, Mall of the Emirates

Retail Therapy  part of MinD, 2011,  DucTac, Mall of the Emirates

Shopping Spreed  at MinD (Made in Dubai) 2010

Shopping Spreed

Endurance from Women's Rooms Bastakiya Art Fair 2009

The Imagination of Disaster at Total Arts Gallery, The Courtyard, Dubai 2011 
2-artist exhibition with Marcelo Guimar√£es Lima
Promotional catalog: (pre-installation)  The Imagination of Disaster   Includes poetry/prose/images

Noah's Ark (detail) hanging sculpture 2011 Total Arts Gallery, seen in front of Fukoshima Plume

Sea of Interaction   (blue and red painted sculpture in 2 parts- on beam)  2010   171 x 39.5 x 15 cm (67 1/5 x 15 1/2 x 6”)  mixed media on panel
MinD (Made in Dubai), DucTac, Mall of the Emirates

Great Escapes    2010   40 x 33 x 20 cms  mixed media

Goodbye to the Information Age   2010   6 x 28 x 28  cms   mixed media

The Wake   2010    80 x 290  100  cms   mixed media


The Surveillance Ball   Bastakiya Art Fair, 2009   room installation, with surveillance camera

How I Bought Myself a Diamond   2008  Shopping carts, tape, flashing lights, Creek Art Fair, Dubai
Left: day and night on the AUD campus     Right: in the streets of Bastakiya (historical neighborhood of Dubai)

The Struggle Bus  2008 Villa 111  Creek Art Fair, Dubai  Room Installation – Details, displayed poem   Left: tape, mixed media, acrylic   Right: tape, mixed media, oil on board (with text: There are no coincidences’)
The Struggle Bus (detail)

Running Man  1999  plaster, paper mache, acrylic at Yantra Gallery, Istanbul 

Three Seasons (Summer, Winter, Autumn) at Yantra Gallery, Istanbul (Cukurcuma) 1999, plaster, paper mache, canvas, acrylic, cement

Mutiny on the Bounty  1992  mixed media  Hochschule Der Kunste, Berlin