What Do Hunters Think About?  oil on canvas, 2019

Primarily a painter, I think in terms of three-dimensional space and also make painted sculptures and installations. 

Sometimes I work from sight, sometimes I sketch and plan, and other times the process is pure intuition, a response to whatever fascinating story or dilemma I am tuned to. As a result, my work is multi-faceted, and all joined by a common thread of whimsy-- though whimsy is not the exact word. 

Now based in a small town in Eastern North Carolina, I have spent over twenty years working and teaching in the Middle East and Europe, studying arts and languages. All of this feeds into my thought processes and takes me to an organic visual world of Surrealism, humor, cartoon, and pattern. 

 Fort Edgecomb (Maine) 2010

Foca (Turkey) 1999

 Hatta (UAE/Oman border)  2011
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